Meeting diversities in maritime education. A blend from World Maritime University

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Meeting diversities in maritime education. A blend from World Maritime University


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Publication Doctoral Thesis
Doctoral Thesis, comprehensive summary
Title Meeting diversities in maritime education. A blend from World Maritime University
Author Horck, Jan
Date 2010
English abstract
To address a diversified student complement in academic studies is becoming more and more frequent in maritime education and training. Diversity challenges are also the reality onboard ships that muster a multicultural crew complement. This thesis aims at creating awareness on dilemmas and challenges that students and faculty meet when working in a multicultural environment. In order not to have students academically suffering from environments that they are not used to, there are several issues identified, generated and discussed. If these issues are not adhered to, perhaps the students’ academic performance would not accurately reflect the students’ capability to absorb new knowledge. In extension: from cultural awareness and better communication will follow reduced mistakes and increased safety onboard ships. The empirical data in this study is generated from conversations with the faculty of World Maritime University. The theory in this thesis is Bronfenbrenner’s ecology of human development and two strategies or methods have been used to analyse the conversations: phenomenography and discourse psychology. A conclusion drawn from the conversations is that when students and professors have a diversified background the pedagogy has to be different compared to addressing a culturally homogenous class complement. When also women commence to take up studies in maritime subjects, an education traditionally male dominated, it presents new challenges for the facilitators of information and knowledge. The conditions that the faculty and students meet in such constellations, most probably, can have an impact on behaviour, performance and study results. One important solution to above dilemmas is found to be offering faculty and students courses in cultural awareness. This would be a recommendation to any worldwide maritime education and training institution ready to serve the shipping industry. Another conclusion is to have faculty and students to attend courses in pedagogy (andragogy). These two major conclusions would contribute to an uplift to achieve an even better effect from students’/professors’ encounter in the class room.
Publisher Malmö Högskola
Series/Issue Studies in Educational Sciences;54
ISSN 1651-4513
ISBN 978-91-86295-05-9
Language eng (iso)
Subject Education
Humanities/Social Sciences
Research Subject Categories::NATURAL SCIENCES
Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Included papers
  1. Horck, Jan (2009). Assuring quality teaching when addressing students in a diversified class room. In: Darrell Bloom, (Ed.). ICET International Yearbook on Teacher Education, (CD-ROM). International Council on Education for Teaching. Chicago, Ill: ICET. Presented: At the ICET 2009 World Assembly, Muscat Oman, 14-19 December 2009.

  2. Horck, Jan & Drakenberg, Margareth. Teaching styles retrospect the use of metaphors. In manuscript.

  3. Horck, Jan (2008). Cultural and gender diversities affecting the ship/port interface. In: Willi Wittig and Christina Priester (Eds.) (2008). The human element at the ship/port interface. 1st International Ship-Port-Interface Conference (ISPIC), pp. 151-166. Bremerhaven: Rogge Marine. Presented: At the ISPIC 1, Bremen Germany, 19-21 May 2008.

  4. Horck, Jan (2007). The ISM Code versus the STCW Convention – MET challenges convene? In: Dmitriy Zhukov (Ed.) (2007). Proceedings of the 8th Annual General Assembly and conference of the International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU) (AGA 8), pp. 217-232. Odessa, Ukraine: Odessa Maritime Academy. Presented: At the IAMU AGA 8, Odessa Ukraine, 17-19 September 2007.

  5. Horck, Jan (2009). Teaching/learning in a students’ hotchpotch. Bulletin of Education & Research (BER), Vol. 31, No. 1, pp. 61-81.

  6. Horck, Jan (2010). The gender perspective in maritime education and training. WMU Journal of Maritime Affairs, Vol. 9, No. 1, pp. 93-119.

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