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  • Identification as Process in Participatory Design fulltext
    Jørgensen Hasse, Stina; Marttila, Sanna Maria; Homewood, Sarah; Nilsson, Elisabet M.; Ottsen Hansen, Sofie Marie  
    Conference article in PDC '18 Proceedings of the 15th Participatory Design Conference: Short Papers, Situated Actions, Workshops and Tutorial - Volume 2; : ACM (2018)

    Participatory Design Conference (August 20 - 24, 2018 : Hasselt and Genk, Belgium)
    Conference article
  • Negotiating Documentation in Comics
    Dittmar, Jakob; Ashkenazi, Ofer  
    Journal article in International Journal of Comic Art;1 : Drexel hill (2018)
    Journal article
  • ICTs and Opportunities of Empowerment in a Context of State-Sanctione... fulltext fulltext
    Svensson, Jakob; Strand, Cecilia Eds: Virkar, Shefali; Parycek, Peter; Edelmann, Noella; Jansen, M; Scholl, Hans-Jochen; Glassey, O; Tambouris, E Malmö University. Centre for Sexology and Sexuality Studies  
    Conference article in EGOV-CeDEM-ePart 2018 Proceedings; : Donau-Universitöt Krems (2018)

    EGOV-CeDEM-ePart 2018 (3-6 sept 2018 : Krems, Austria)
    Conference article
  • Platform Design : Creating Meaningful Toolboxes When People Meet
    Cuartielles Ruiz, David Joaquin  : Malmo University, Facultyof Culture and Society Serie: New Media, Public Spheres and Forms of Expression (2018) Doctoral dissertation
  • The Weird Giggle : Attending to Affect in Virtual Reality fulltext OA Fulltext
    Kozel, Susan; Gibson, Ruth; Martelli, Bruno Malmö University. Medea  
    Journal article Artistic work in Transformations: Journal of Media, Culture and Technology;31 (2018)
    Journal article
    Artistic work

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