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  • Design and Social Innovation at the Margins : Finding and Making Cult...
    Light, Ann  
    Journal article in Design and Culture;1 : Taylor & Francis (2019)
    Journal article
  • Erin Beck : 2017: How development projects persist : Everyday negotia... OA Fulltext
    Denskus, Tobias  
    Review article in Social anthropology;1 : Wiley-Blackwell (2019)
    Review article
  • Small acts of engagement : Reconnecting productive audience practices...
    Picone, Ike; Kleut, Jelena; Pavlíčková, Tereza; Romic, Bojana; Møller Hartley, Jannie; de Ridder, Sander  
    Journal article in New Media & Society; : SAGE (2019)
    Journal article
  • Russian Information Operations against the Ukrainian State and Defenc... fulltext OA Fulltext
    Müür, Kristiina; Mölder, Holger; Sazonov, Vladimir; Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt, Pille  
    Journal article in Journal of Baltic Security;1 : Baltic Defence College (2016)
    Journal article
  • People have the power - IOTAP on exhibit
    Spikol, Daniel; Spalazzese, Romina; Linde, Per; Leckner, Sara; Russo, Nancy; Eriksson, Jeanette; Persson, Jan; Holmberg, Johan; Olsson, Carl Magnus Dorthé, Lotti; Olsson, Annsofie Malmö University. Internet of Things and People Research Centre (IOTAP)   Serie: Forskarnas galleri;5 (2018) Artistic work, Curatorship event/exhibition

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