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K3 Arts and Communication: Recent submissions

  • Schlaraffia – the faux dignitas of pseudo-knights : The oldest massiv... fulltext
    Dittmar, Jakob  : New Smallprint Press (2018) Book
  • Playing the Green Card the Derivative Function of a Disengaged Jardi...
    Hellström Reimer, Maria  
    Journal article in Architecture and Culture;2 : Taylor & Francis (2017)
    Journal article
  • Allestädes, ingenvart, någonstans : en liten platskritik
    Hellström Reimer, Maria Eds: Drougge, Åsa; Kling, Anders; Westermark, Karin  
    Book chapter in Landskap nu! : samtida svensk landskapsarkitektur : contemporary Swedish landscape architecture : Arkitektur Förlag (2016)
    Book chapter
  • Being there : impersonating the designer-researcher-participant OA Fulltext
    Harvard Maare, Åsa Eds: Lee, Yanki; Kung, Cecile; Lam, Elita  
    Conference article in Open Design for E-very-thing; : Hongkong Design Institute Serie: Cumulus Working Papers;33/16 (2016)

    Open Design for E-verything (21-24 November 2016 : Hongkong, China)
    Conference article
  • Playing Cards : Multimodal Communication and Use of Visual Artifacts.
    Harvard Maare, Åsa  : The International Society for the Study of Interactivity, Language, and Cognition (2016)
    CILC : Communication, Interactivity and Language Conference (29.6 - 1.7 2016 : Kingston, UK)
    Conference contribution



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