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Doctoral Theses /KS K3: Recent submissions

  • Platform Design : Creating Meaningful Toolboxes When People Meet
    Cuartielles Ruiz, David Joaquin  : Malmo University Press (2018) Doctoral dissertation
  • Designing for Peer Learning : Mathematics, Games, and Peer Groups in ... fulltext
    Harvard Maare, Åsa  : Lund University Serie: Lund University Cognitive Studies;165 (2015) Doctoral dissertation
  • Para-Archives : Rethinking Personal Archiving Practices in the Times ... fulltext
    Smolicki, Jacek  : Malmö University Serie: New Media, Public Spheres and Forms of Expression;12 (2017) Doctoral dissertation
    Artistic work
  • Executions: power and expression in networked and computational media fulltext
    Snodgrass, Eric  : Malmö university Serie: New Media, Public Spheres and Forms of Expression;11 (2017) Doctoral dissertation
  • Design Moves : translational processes and academic entrepreneurship ... fulltext
    Simeone, Luca  : Malmö University, Faculty of Culture and Society Serie: New Media, Public Spheres and Forms of Expression;10 (2016) Doctoral dissertation



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