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  • The Concept of Recovery in Social Psychiatry OA Fulltext
    Tengland, Per-Anders  
    Conference contribution in The human condition in between medicine, arts & the humanities: Abstract book; (2018)

    32nd European Conference on Philosophy of Medicine & Health Care (CfP) (22-25 August 2018 : Lisbon, Portugal)
    Conference contribution
  • Global folkhälsa : om livsvillkor, sjukdomar och social rättvisa
    Vilhelmsson, Andreas; Tengland, Per-Anders  : Studentlitteratur (2016) Book
  • Professionals’ experiences with paediatric colonoscopy : an interview... fulltext OA Fulltext
    Vejzovic, Vedrana  
    Journal article in BMC Nursing;7 : Biomed Central (2019)
    Journal article
  • Nursing students’ perceptions of peer learning through student-led cr...
    Carlson, Elisabeth; Stenberg, Marie; Lai, Timothy; Reisenhofer, Sonia; Chan, Bessie; Cruz, Eric; Leung, Doris; Wong, Arkers; Chan, E Angela  
    Journal article in Journal of Advanced Nursing; : Wiley (2019)
    Journal article
  • Postoperativa komplikationer
    Kumlien, Christine; Rystedt, Jenny Eds: Kumlien, Christine; Rystedt, Jenny  
    Book chapter in Omvårdnad och kirurgi : Studentlitteratur (2016)
    Book chapter

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