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  • A feasibility study of a mobile phone supported family-centred ADL in... fulltext OA Fulltext
    Kamwesiga, Julius T; Eriksson, Gunilla M; Tham, Kerstin; Fors, Uno; Ndiwalana, Ali; von Koch, Lena; Guidetti, Susanne  
    Journal article in Globalization and health;1 : BMC (2018)
    Journal article
  • Resource use of healthcare services 1 year after stroke: a secondary ... fulltext
    Tistad, Malin; Flink, Maria; Ytterberg, Charlotte; Eriksson, Gunilla; Guidetti, Susanne; Tham, Kerstin; von Koch, Lena  
    Journal article in BMJ open;8 : BMJ Publishing Group (2018)
    Journal article
  • Experiences of participating in a client-centred ADL intervention aft... fulltext OA Fulltext
    Ranner, Maria; Guidetti, Susanne; von Koch, Lena; Tham, Kerstin  
    Journal article in Disability and Rehabilitation; : Taylor & Francis (2018)
    Journal article
  • Symptoms, Illness Perceptions, Self-Efficacy and Health-Related Quali... fulltext OA Fulltext
    Johansson, Ann-Caroline; Axelsson, Malin; Grankvist, Gunne; Berndtsson, Ina; Brink, Eva  
    Journal article in Open Journal of Nursing;9 : SCIRP (2018)
    Journal article
  • A registry study of nursing assessments, interventions and evaluation... fulltext OA Fulltext
    Backlund, Anja; Holmbeck, Olga; Kumlien, Christine; Axelsson, Malin  
    Journal article in Nursing open;3 : Wiley (2018)
    Journal article



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