Skriftspråksutveckling i förskoleklassen


Detailed record Eriksson Sjödin, Jasmine 2012-12-04T08:03:25Z 2012-12-04T08:03:25Z 2012 en_US
dc.identifier.citation 43 en_US
dc.description.abstract The aim of this essay was to investigate how teachers in the preschool class work with literacy. How do they justify the methods used to develop children's literacy abilities? I also wanted to know to what extent teachers enable multimodal approaches within written language practices. My study considers the impact teachers' professional identity has on working methods in the preschool class. I hope this essay will help teachers reflect on their learning approach. I gathered information by interviewing three preschool teachers and one compulsory school teacher for the early years working in three different preschool classes in three different schools. The four interviews were transcribed and put together in an overview. I applied a socio-cultural perspective to the material and approached the problem by looking into differences within preschool-/school traditions from the 1800's to present day education. All teachers practised the phonics based method the Bornholm model to some extent. Rhymes were often used as well as computer writing. The motivation to rhyming was that the children seemed to enjoy it, while typing on the computer was justified by all children's equal right to learn despite fine motor skills development. The analyses showed that preschool teachers are more likely to enable play and include joyful learning situations in their teaching. Compulsory school teachers come from another tradition, and often see the year in the preschool class as a preparation for school. All interviewed teachers have a theoretical knowledge about multimodal discourses, but struggle to apply these theories in practice. en_US
dc.language.iso swe en_US
dc.publisher Malmö högskola/Lärarutbildningen en_US
dc.subject Literacy en_US
dc.subject Preschool Class en_US
dc.subject Multimodality en_US
dc.subject Socio-cultural environment en_US
dc.subject Professional identity en_US
dc.subject Learning approach en_US
dc.title Skriftspråksutveckling i förskoleklassen en_US
dc.type M3 en_US
dc.setspec.uppsok SocialBehaviourLaw en_US
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