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Detailed record Blanco, Lara 2014-09-10T09:00:04Z 2014-09-10T09:00:04Z 2014 en_US
dc.description.abstract Today TV viewers are exposed to massive amounts of information. Digital TV offers a large number of channels full with different kinds of programs but the information about them is poor. The navigation through the channels can be tiring and often, viewers end up lost, having wasted up to 30 minutes changing channels and not being entertained, which is one of the main purposes of TV. Along with this issue, TV channels have plenty of material they are not using, which is not reachable to viewers who might end up looking for series online and download them illegally. ! As a result, viewers are recurring to online TV more and more. They watch specific content through specific TV channel websites. However, the computer or tablet does not allow viewers to certain comforts TV does, and these devices may encourage user isolation since they are normally designed for the usage of one person at a time. The difference between a computer background and a TV background will be discussed further since this aspect became quite important during my research. Viewers enjoyed watching TV while relaxing on the couch, but watching on the computer seemed more efficient, even if it meant sitting down on a chair, because they got instant access to the content they chose. ! This thesis will try to design the future of Interactive TV. A TV that will help the user get something worth watching the moment they turn the TV on. After weeks of research and academic reading, I concluded three should be the main characteristics of this design; a Facebook linked profile, implementation of recommender systems and social navigation, plus an adaptive interface. ! The results are very promising. A second iteration of the design was made after revising the first concept. It incorporates insights from the concept validation, which I believe completed the design. A design that could work efficiently, and ultimately make the users experience something splendid. 
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dc.title Interactive TV en_US
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