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Publication Doctoral Thesis
Doctoral Thesis, comprehensive summary
Title Self-charging biosupercapacitors
Author Pankratov, Dmitry
Date 2016
English abstract
The thesis is focused on an entirely new class of electric power biodevices – self-charging biosupercapacitors, or in other words, charge-storing biofuel cells. The power generating segments of these biodevices rely on different redox enzymes electrically wired to electrode surfaces. Planar electrodes were additionally nanostructured by gold nanoparticles to increase the real surface area/enhance enzyme loading. Bilirubin oxidase was used as a cathodic biocatalyst responsible for oxygen electroreduction, whereas cellobiose dehydrogenase and glucose dehydrogenase were exploited as anodic bioelements catalyzing electrooxidation of glucose. The charge-storing segments of biosupercapacitors were based on different electroconducting polymers, including carbon nanotube based nanocomposites, and osmium modified redox hydrogels. The particular bioelectrodes were characterized in detail using scanning electron and atomic force microscopies, as well as various electrochemical techniques. Self-charging biosupercapacitors were assembled and basic parameters of the biodevices, viz. open-circuit voltages, power and charge densities, and stability, were studied in continuous and pulse operating modes.
Publisher Malmö university
Series/Issue Malmö University Health and Society Doctoral Dissertations;8
ISSN 1653-5383
ISBN 978-91-7104-733-5
Pages 62
Language eng (iso)
Subject Sciences
Research Subject Categories::NATURAL SCIENCES
Included papers
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