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Publication Conference Meeting abstract
Title Given Things
Author Tzimoula, Despina
Date 2016
English abstract
In a time where nations of Europe are trying to stop migration or at least make it more difficult, the practise of migration is once again in the eye of everyone’s attention. People are fleeing for their lives, for their children, for their futures. The focus of the media, the politicians and even the activists have been obviously been that – people’s lives. The focus of this particular study is what these people carry with them. What items, if any, do one save when fleeing for ones life. A wedding photograph? A recipe book? A pair of earrings inherited from a grandmother? So – this study is about things. Things, or objects have been in the focus of theoretical reflection the last decades in relation to agency and/or humanism. Things of memory, or memorabilia are, on an individual level arranged into a narrative that gives identity. For people that flee things are an ethical calculation. Things might be a liability, they may be to heavy to bring, or they might be confiscated, they might be lost during the way. Or there might be things one wants to forget, so there is also an ethics of forgetfulness. And additionally, this calculated choice has a teleological dimension, which also gives futurity. Extended scholarship has illuminated the central role women play in the creation and mediation ethnic belonging narratives. Through an intersectional perspective, the focus will be on the object mediated memory and how these objects are to serve, or not, in how to continue a journey – in this particular essence towards an end of a flight. The paper is going to navigate from feminist ontology to object ontology.
g16: Swedish conference for gender research: Boundaries, Mobility, Mobilisation (23-25 November, 2016 : Linköping, Sweden)
Language eng (iso)
Subject object ontology
feminist ontology
Humanities/Social Sciences
Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES
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