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Doctoral Theses /HS


Recent Submissions

  • När smärtan blir en del av livet
    Gullacksen, Ann-Christine  : A.C. Gullacksen (1999) Doctoral dissertation
  • Multiplex HLA-DR-DQ genotyping : for genetic epidemiology and clinica... fulltext
    Lavant, Ewa  : Malmö University. Faculty of Health and Society Serie: Malmö University Health and Society Dissertations;2012:3 (2012) Doctoral dissertation
  • Interactions of Biopolymers and Metalcomplexes at Biological Interfaces fulltext
    Hamit Eminovski, Jildiz  : Malmö University Serie: Malmö University Health and Society Dissertations;2011:3 (2011) Doctoral dissertation
  • Prevention of foot ulcers in patients with diabetes mellitus fulltext
    Annersten Gershater, Magdalena  (2011) Doctoral dissertation
  • What's neighbourhood got to do with it? : the influence of neighbourh... fulltext
    Mellgren, Caroline  : Faculty of Health and Society, Malmö University Serie: Malmö University Health and Society Dissertations;4 (2011) Doctoral dissertation

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