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Conference Contributions /KS K3



In early spring 2020 we will move the research publications to the DiVA plattform. All research collections in MUEP is now closed for new items. More information

Recent Submissions

  • Excerpts from the World Waltz : Contamination as literary genre and a... fulltext
    Hemer, Oscar  (2018)
    EASA 2018 : Staying, Moving, Settling (14 - 17 August 2018 : Stockholm, Sweden)
    Conference contribution
  • Prime-time protest? Screening the news coverage of transnational wome...
    Enghel, Florencia  (2019)
    MESO (Center for the Study on Media and Society in Argentina) Annual Congress 2019 (August 29-30, 2019 : Buenos Aires, Argentina)

  • A Room for Social Justice : Affective and Interactive Augmented Reali... fulltext OA Fulltext
    Ashikoto, Leonard I.; Ajibola, Deborah; Virmasalo, Veera Eds: Winschiers-Theophilus, Heike; Van Zyl, Izak; Gaogoses, Naska; Singh Jat, Dharm; Belay, Elefelious G.; Orji, Rita; Peters, Anicia  
    Conference article in Proceedings of the Second African Conference for Human Computer Interaction: Thriving Communities; : Association for Computing Machinery (2018)

    AfriCHI Conference 2018 (Dec 3, 2018 - Dec 7, 2018 : Windhoek, Namibia)
    Conference article
  • Experimental Comics Narratives
    Aspman, Oskar  (2019)
    NordMedia 2019 (21-23 August, 2019 : Malmö, Sweden)

  • Student experiments on narrative options in comics fulltext
    Dittmar, Jakob  : NordMedia2019 (2019)
    NordMedia 2019 (21-23.August, 2019 : Malmö, Sweden)
    Conference contribution

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