Att främmandegöra det välkända


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Publication Student essay 15hp
Title Att främmandegöra det välkända
Author Greczanik, Liza
Date 2007
English abstract
Our modern swedish society is charactarized by peoples and cultures from all over the world. In this perspective I believe that young pupils of today need culture studies in school in order to understand themselves and further to recieve knowledge about different cultures, traditions and lifestyles. The present study is an attempt to investigate the potential of the ethnological culture analysis as a pedagogical method. The paper is divided into two sections; one in which I (a student teacher in swedish language training) have applied the culture analysis in a literary context. By using the culture analysis on Emily Brontë´s classic book Wuthering Heights I have tried to let typical elements from the Victorian era appear. This is only an example of how the method can be used in teaching. The second part is an investigation of the culture analysis from a didactic point of view. This section is an empirical study where four teachers and five ethnologists think of the ethnological culture analysis as a potential method in the upper department comprehensive school and the upper secondary school. My conclusion is that the teachers and ethnologists in my study believe in the ethnological culture analysis as a pedagogical method.The ethnologic method seems to have a few diffuculties though which probably is a deterrent. The teachers want to see more cultural approaches in school, despite this, they don´t seem to have developed any concrete strategies of how to integrate culture perspectives into their schoolteaching.
Publisher Malmö högskola/Lärarutbildningen
Language swe (iso)
Subject svenska
Emily Brontë
Svindlande Höjder
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