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  • Reflecting on models for science education for sustainable developmen... OA Fulltext
    Eilks, Ingo; Sjöström, Jesper; Zuin, Vânia G. Eds: Zuin, Vânia G.  
    Book chapter in Environments : technoscience and its relation to sustainability, ethics, aesthetics, health and the human future : Brazilian Humboldt Kolleg, EdUFSCar, São Carlos Federal University Press (2018)
    Book chapter
  • Adressing complexity in Science|Environment|Health pedagogy
    Zeyer, Albert; Álvaro, Nuria; Arnold, Julia; Benninghaus, Christian; Hasslöv, Helen; Kremer, Kerstin; Lundström, Mats; Mayoral, Olga; Sjöström, Jesper; Sprenger, Sandra; Gavidia, Valentin; Keselman, Alla Eds: McLoughlin, Eilish; Finlayson, Odilla E.; Erduran, Sibel; Childs, Peter  
    Book chapter in Bridging Research and Practice in Science Education : Selected Papers from the ESERA 2017 Conference : Springer Serie: Contributions from Science Education Research;6 (2019)
    Book chapter
  • Spatial challenges from peri-urban expansion of small rural towns in ... fulltext
    Ekelund, Nils G. A.; Schubert, Per  (2019)
    South Africa – Sweden Research & Innovation Week (20190506-20190510 : Stellenbosch, South Africa)
    Conference contribution
  • Didactic modelling for socio-ecojustice fulltext OA Fulltext
    Sjöström, Jesper  
    Journal article in Journal for Activist Science and Technology Education;1 : University of Toronto (2019)
    Journal article
  • Mathematical preciseness and epistemological sanctions
    Ryan, Ulrika Malmö University. Literacy and inclusive subject teaching in a multilingual society  
    Journal article in For the Learning of Mathematics;2 : FLM Publishing Association (2019)
    Journal article

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