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  • Embracing competencies
    Bengtsson, Peter Eds: Chronaki, Anna  
    Conference contribution in Mathematics Education and Life at Times of Crisis : Proceedings of the 9th International Conferende of Mathamtical Education and Society, Vol. 1; : University of Thessaly Pess, Volos, Greece (2017)

    9th International Conferende of Mathamtical Education and Society (7/4-12/4 2017 : Volos, Greece)
    Conference contribution
  • The role of education in transition towards a more sustainable world
    Hasslöf, Helen; Lundegård, Iann; Malmberg, Claes  : EERA-ECER (2015)
    EERA-ECER (2015, 8-11 September : Budapest, Hungary)
    Conference contribution
  • Qualified to Question? : Discussing Education for sustainable develop...
    Hasslöf, Helen  : EERA-ECER (2014)
    EERA-ECER (1-5 september 2014 : Porto)
    Conference contribution
  • Teachers’ Reflections on Science Instruction as a Language Activity
    Jakobsson, Anders; Davidsson, Eva; Johansson, Roger Malmö University. Literacy and inclusive subject teaching in a multilingual society  (2018)
    East Asia Science Education (29/11-2/12-2018 : Hualien, Taiwan)
    Conference contribution
  • Collaborative computer game play in the science classroom fulltext
    Nilsson, Elisabet M.  : Stockholm University (2010)
    Designs for Learning Conference (March 17-19, 2010 : Stockholm, Sweden)
    Conference contribution

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