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  • Beginning Early : Mathematical Exclusion fulltext OA Fulltext
    Helenius, Ola; Johansson, Maria L.; Lange, Troels; Meaney, Tamsin; Wernberg, Anna  
    Conference contribution in Proceedings of the International Mathematics Education and Society Conference; : Mathematics Education & Soc (2015)

    Mathematics Education and Society 8 (June 21-26, 2015 : Portland, Oregon, USA)
    Conference contribution
  • Thoughts & Reflections about Research Perspectives and Practical Impl... fulltext
    Hasslöf, Helen Eds: Reti, Monika; Tschapka, Johannes  
    Conference article in Creating learning environments for the future : Research and practice on sharing knowledge on ESD : Environment and School Initiatives (2012)

    ENSI Conference (26–28 March 2009 : Leuven, Belgium)
    Conference article
  • Praktiker under utveckling : hur skapas mening, sammanhang och motiva...
    Nordén, Birgitta; Avery, Helen; Harju, Anne; Åkerblom, Annika  (2018)
    FND 2018, Forskning i naturvetenskapernas didaktik (7-8 november 2018 : Malmö, Sweden)
    Conference contribution
  • Beyond incrementalism : Knowledge formation for transformative change... OA Fulltext
    Nordén, Birgitta; Avery, Helen  (2018)
    EERA/ECER 2018 (4-7 September 2018 : Bolzano, Italy)
    Conference contribution
  • Future-oriented Methodology : Distinctive horizons for and contributi... OA Fulltext
    Nordén, Birgitta; Avery, Helen  (2018)
    European Conference on Educational Research (ECER 2018) : "Inclusion and Exclusion, Resources for Educational Research?” (4-7 September 2018 : Bolzano, Italy)
    Conference contribution

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