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New name from 2018, old name "IS Individual and Society"

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Recent Submissions

  • Swedish History Textbooks as Identity Constructing Narratives (1931-2... fulltext OA Fulltext
    Malmros, Ingmarie Danielsson  
    Journal article in Historia y Memoria de la Educacion;6 : Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED) (2017)
    Journal article
  • Det motsägelsefulla uppdraget OA Fulltext
    Alvén, Fredrik  
    Magazine article in Pedagogiska magasinet;2018:2 : Lärarförbundet (2018)
    Magazine article
  • Elin af Skövde fulltext OA Fulltext
    Ellis Nilsson, Sara  
    Magazine article in Svenskt kvinnobiografiskt lexikon; : Göteborgs universitet (2018)
    Magazine article
  • Simon Yarrow, 'The Saints. A Short History'
    Ellis Nilsson, Sara  
    Review article in Kyrkohistorisk årsskrift;2017 : Svenska Kyrkohistoriska Föreningen (2017)
    Review article
  • Innovation, Job Quality and Employment Outcomes in the Aerospace indu... fulltext OA Fulltext
    Gautié, Jérome; Ahlstrand, Roland; Wright, Sally; Green, Ann Eds: Jaehrling, Karen Malmö University. Centre for Work Life and Evaluation Studies (CTA)  
    Report in Virtuous circles between innovations, job quality and employment in Europe? Case study evidence from the manufacturing sector, private and public service sector; : QuInnE (2018)

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