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  • Media, Anthropology and Public Engagement
    Linde-Laursen, Anders  
    Review article in Journal of anthropological Research;4 : University Of Chicago Press (2016)
    Review article
  • Genmäle om Sture Bolin och Sveriges Nationella Förbund OA Fulltext
    Oredsson, Sverker  
    in Scandia;1 : Scandia (2017)

  • Internal consistency in a Swedish history curriculum : a study of ver... fulltext
    Rosenlund, David  
    Journal article in Journal of Curriculum Studies; : Taylor and Francis (2018)
    Journal article
  • Recension av Eva Österberg, De små då: Perspektiv på barn i historien... OA Fulltext
    Nilsson, Sara E. Ellis  
    Review article in Historisk tidskrift;2 : Svenska historiska föreningen (2018)
    Review article
  • Reay, Diane; Miseducation : Inequality, education and the working cla... fulltext OA Fulltext
    Persson, Magnus  
    Review article in Sociologisk forskning;1 : Sveriges sociologförbund (2018)
    Review article

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