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  • Benchmarking Atomic Data for Astrophysics: Be-like Ions between B II ... OA Fulltext
    Wang, Kai; Bin Chen, Zhan; Zhang, Chun Yu; Si, Ran; Jönsson, Per; Hartman, Henrik; Gu, Ming Feng; Chen, Chong Yang; Yan, Jun  
    Journal article in Astrophysical Journal, Supplement Series;2 : Iop Publishing Ltd (2018)
    Journal article
  • Healthy Indoor Environments : The Need for a Holistic Approach OA Fulltext
    Wierzbicka, Aneta; Pedersen, Eja; Persson, Roger; Nordquist, Birgitta; Stålne, Kristian; Gao, Chuansi; Harderup, Lars-Erik; Borell, Jonas; Caltenco, Hector; Ness, Barry; Stroh, Emilie; Li, Yujing; Dahlblom, Mats; Lundgren-Kownacki, Karin; Isaxon, Christina; Gudmundsson, Anders; Wargocki, Pawel  
    Journal article in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health;9 : Mdpi (2018)
    Journal article
  • Extended calculations of energy levels, radiative properties, A(J), B...
    Wang, Kai; Zhang, C. Y.; Jönsson, Per; Si, R.; Zhao, X. H.; Chen, Z. B.; Guo, X. L.; Chen, C. Y.; Yan, J.  
    Journal article in Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer; : Pergamon Press (2018)
    Journal article
  • Swedish primary healthcare nurses' perceptions of using digital eHeal...
    Öberg, Ulrika; Orre, Carl Johan; Isaksson, Ulf; Schimmer, Robyn; Larsson, Håkan; Hörnsten, Åsa  
    Journal article in Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences;2 : Wiley (2018)
    Journal article
  • Cloud, Edge, or Both? Towards Decision Support for Designing IoT Appl... fulltext
    Ashouri, Majid; Davidsson, Paul; Spalazzese, Romina Malmö University. Internet of Things and People Research Centre (IOTAP)  (2018)
    The Fifth International Conference on Internet of Things: Systems, Management and Security (IoTSMS 2018) (15-18 Oct 2018 : Valencia, Spain)
    Conference contribution

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