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  • Expectation and Experiences of Exchange: Migrancy in the Global Marke... fulltext
    Jerve Ramsøy, Ingrid  : Malmö University Serie: Migration, Urbanisation, and Societal Change;9 (2019) Doctoral dissertation
  • Towards a Nominalist Understanding of Institutions fulltext OA Fulltext
    Brännmark, Johan Eds: Hansson Wahlberg, Tobias; Stenwall, Robin  
    Book chapter in Maurinian Truths - Essays in Honour of Anna-Sofia Maurin on her 50th Birthday : Lund University (2019)
    Book chapter
  • Principles of justice and the idea of practice-dependence fulltext
    Brännmark, Johan  
    Journal article in Ethics & Global Politics;3 : Taylor & Francis (2019)
    Journal article
  • Over-Education amongst the Children of Immigrants in Sweden fulltext OA Fulltext
    Dahlstedt, Inge  
    Journal article in Nordic Journal of Migration Research;1 : De Gruyter (2015)
    Journal article
  • "Austria First' revisited : a diachronic cross-sectional analysis of ...
    Rheindorf, Markus; Wodak, Ruth  
    Journal article in Patterns of Prejudice;3 : Taylor & Francis (2019)
    Journal article

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