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  • Implementing genre pedagogy in content instruction : lessons from Swe... OA Fulltext
    Walldén, Robert Malmö University. Literacy and inclusive subject teaching in a multilingual society  
    Conference contribution in Program Book; : Universitas Sanata Dharma (2019)

    SEADR 19 The South 7th South East Asia Design Research (25-27 July 2019 : Yogyakarta, Indonesia)
    Conference contribution
  • ADHD symptoms and the teacher-student relationship : a systematic lit... fulltext OA Fulltext
    Plantin Ewe, Linda  
    Review article in Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties;2 : Taylor & Francis (2019)
    Review article
  • 'Science Slam' and sportification processes in science fulltext OA Fulltext
    Carlsson, Bo  
    Journal article in Sport in Society;9 : Taylor & Francis (2019)
    Journal article
  • Epistemological aspects of multilingualism in mathematics education :... fulltext OA Fulltext
    Ryan, Ulrika; Parra, Aldo  
    Journal article in Research in Mathematics Education;2 : Taylor & Francis (2019)
    Journal article
  • Thinking and Researching Inclusive Education Without a Banister
    Korsgaard, Morten Timmermann; Larsen, Vibe; Wiberg, Merete  (2017)
    European Educational Reseacrh Association Conference (22-26. August 2017 : Copenhagen, Denmark)
    Conference contribution

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