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  • Mathematics classroom talk in a migrating world fulltext
    Ryan, Ulrika  : Malmö university Serie: Malmö Studies in Educational Science;89 (2019) Doctoral dissertation
  • Edu-preneurial marketing to school leaders : strategies, stories and ... OA Fulltext
    Erlandsson, Magnus; Serder, Margareta  
    Conference contribution in NERA 2019 Abstract Book; (2019)

    Nordic Educational Research Association (6-8 Mars 2019. : Uppsala, Sweden.)
    Conference contribution
  • Inboxes and Outputs : Stories from edu-preneurial marketing to school... OA Fulltext
    Erlandsson, Magnus; Serder, Margareta  (2019)
    Euoropean Conference of Educational Research (3-6 September 2019. : Hamburg, Germany.)
    Conference contribution
  • “I have read some articles on the subject” : selective truths in the ... fulltext
    Lundahl, Christian; Serder, Margareta  (2019)
    American Educational Research Association (5-9 April 2019. : Toronto, Canada.)
    Conference contribution
  • Vad kan känneteckna undervisning och sambedömning i förskola? Förskol... fulltext
    Vallberg Roth, Ann-Christine; Aasa, Sverker; Ekberg, Jan-Eric; Holmberg, Ylva; Sjöström, Jesper; Stensson, Catrin  : Malmö universitet (2019) Report



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