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Title Blind Points of Transition
Author Hellström Reimer, Maria ; Lapcevic, Milica
Editor Hendrickson, Cary ; Iaconesi, Salvatore ; Persico, Oriana ; Simeone, Luca
Date 2010
English abstract
BLIND POINTS OF TRANSITION is an ongoing location based dialogue including two European artists, Maria Hellström Reimer and Milica Lapčević, both in different ways somewhat peripherally located. Initiated in April 2010, the transitional project takes as its starting point two mundane public parks, one of which is situated in Malmö, Sweden, on the shores of the Öresund; and the other in Belgrade, Serbia, on the banks of the Sava and Danube Rivers. While the location in Sweden forms part of a meticulously designed upmarket waterfront development called the Western Harbour, the first phases of which were laid out only ten years ago in connection with a large housing expo, the Serbian location constitutes the recreational part of the similarly planned but modernist Novi Beograd or New Belgrade; a post‐World War II project with buildings organised in blocks and large empty areas in between. And while the Swedish waterfront, despite the presence of a trendily twisted Calatrava tower, remains quite desolate most of the year, the Serbian location, with its entirely dishevelled atmosphere and rich greenery presents a more popular and populated space. The dialogue started with concurrent and inter‐locational field observations in Malmö and Belgrade on April 17, 2010. The close on‐site notations have since then been followed up by intertextual interventions or re‐visits, where the sites have been subjected to a dialogic reinterrogation of the objective of challenging gaps in time and space.
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Publisher DeriveApprodi
Fake Press
Host/Issue Roma Europa Fake Factory - La reinvenzione del reale attraverso pratiche critiche di remix, mash up, ricontestualizzazione, reenactment
ISBN 978-88-6548-012-0
Pages 68-82
Language eng (iso)
Subject Humanities/Social Sciences
Research Subject Categories::HUMANITIES and RELIGION
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