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Publication Bachelor thesis
Title Implementering av entreprenöriellt lärande
Author Enoksson, Helen
Date 2013
English abstract
The implementation problem refers to the situation when political decisions are not implemented as intended by the decision makers. In this thesis I examine how one part of the new school reform GY11 has been implemented in Social Science in high school in Sweden. The part that interests me is entrepreneurial learning. Using implementation theory, and the actor properties understand, can and will, as described by Lennart Lundquist, I have interviewed five high school Social Science teachers in Malmö and Lund. The result was that they all understood the concept of entrepreneurial learning. However, they did not all have the ability (can) to implement it, since they lacked time, and sometimes formal training. They also lacked the structures and personnel needed for implementing entrepreneurial learning. The prerequisite which is the most difficult to influence is will. I found that all respondents said that they did not want to implement entrepreneurial learning, due to it being an ideological political decision they did not agree with, and they all used their discretionary authority to decide when entrepreneurial learning was suitable or not. Because in fact, they all used entrepreneurial learning as a method to some extent, which they had been doing already before this reform. This concords with Lipsky’s thesis that street level bureaucrats, which teachers are due to their professionalism and their ad hoc decision making as they deal with individuals in their everyday work. It also seems that teachers are sensitive to what appears as ideological steering. Hence, it is possible to steer teachers, but only when they find reason in implementing the policy.
Publisher Malmö högskola/Lärarutbildningen
Pages 30
Language swe (iso)
Subject implementering
entreprenöriellt lärande
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