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Publication 1-year master student thesis
Title City Mood
Author Fabrizi, Luisa
Date 2014
English abstract
This research aims to make the first step in the direction of creating guidelines to use for building an instrument capable to collect information about citizens’ emotional reaction toward their city. Through the use of an existing mobile application meant to collect data about one’s own emotions I tried to evaluated the availability of people in sharing how they feel. Later on, based on the evaluations of this app, I created two subsequent analog prototypes that can be placed in urban spaces to collect people’s place related emotions. The devices have been used both inside the university and in open urban spaces in Malmö. Using the experiences made with these prototypes, concerning the availability of people in sharing their emotions about spaces, this thesis is used to develop guidelines and design opportunities for further development of interactive street furniture designed to collect place related emotions.
Publisher Malmö högskola/Kultur och samhälle
Language eng (iso)
Subject smart cities
mapping emotions
Affective Computing
Urban Computing
Physical prototyping
in the wild
user testing
design guidelines
places and emotions
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