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Publication BookChapter
Title En ny arbetarlitteratur?
Author Nilsson, Magnus
Editor Agrell, Beata ; Arping, Åsa ; Ekholm, Christer ; Gustafsson, Magnus
Date 2016
English abstract
The aim of this chapter is to problematize and challenge the received understanding of Swedish working-class literature as aesthetically advanced literature within traditional literary genres. This is done by highlighting two phenomena: working-class literature in counter public spheres and working-class comics. The first of these is exemplified primarily by the works of the poet Jenny Wrangborg. At the same time as her poetry is published by a prestigious publisher and is well received by literary critics, she is also active as a poet within the socialist labour movement. The main example of working-class comics is Hanna Petersson’s ”Pigan” [The maid], an autobiographical narrative that displays similarities with both more traditional working-class literature and artworks inspired by this literature. Eventually, the chapter discusses which consequences the inclusion of phenomena such as these in the tradition of working-class literature could have for the academic study of this literature.
Swedish abstract
Artikeln utmanar föreställningen att svensk arbetarlitteratur enbart skulle utgöras av avancerade och kanoniserade litterära verk, genom att uppmärksamma två fenomen: arbetarlitteratur utanför det litterära fältets centrum och arbetarserier. Det första av dessa fenomen exemplifieras med poeten Jenny Wrangborgs diktning, som bland annat är förankrad i vänsterpolitiska miljöer. Det viktigaste exemplet på arbetarserier ugörs av Hanna Peterssons "Pigan".
Link https://www.samladeskrifter.se/forlag/lir-skrifter... (external link to publication)
Publisher Institutionen för litteratur, idéhistoria och religion, Göteborgs universitet
Host/Issue "Inte kan jag berätta allas historia?" : föreställningar om nordisk arbetarlitteratur
Series/Issue LIR.skrifter;5
ISBN 978-91-88348-74-6
Pages 131–151
Language swe (iso)
Subject arbetarlitteratur
Jenny Wrangborg
Hanna Petersson
Humanities/Social Sciences
Research Subject Categories::HUMANITIES and RELIGION
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