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  • Squamous odontogenic tumor and squamous odontogenic tumor-like prolif... fulltext
    Chrcanovic, Bruno; Santiago Gomez, Ricardo  
    Review article in Journal of Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery; : Elsevier (2017)
    Review article
  • Sølv- og tinfluorider i forebyggelse og behandling af caries og erosi... OA Fulltext
    Ericson, Dan; Tveit, Anne Björg  
    Review article in Tandlaegebladet;6 : Tandlaegeforeningen (2017)
    Review article
  • Complex systematic review : Perioperative antibiotics in conjunction ...
    Lund, Bodil; Hultin, Margareta; Tranæus, Sofia; Naimi-Akbar, Aran; Klinge, Björn  
    Review article in Clinical Oral Implants Research;S11 : Proceedings of the 4th Consensus Conference of the European Association for Osseointegration (EAO), 11–14 February 2015,Pfäffikon, Schwyz, Switzerland : Wiley (2015)

    Consensus Conference of the European Association for Osseointegration (EAO) (11–14 February 2015 : Pfäffikon, Schwyz, Switzerland)
    Review article
  • Five years' follow-up of dental fear and anxiety, experience of denta... fulltext OA Fulltext
    Brogårdh-Roth, Susanne; Månsson, Johanna; Ridell, Karin; Alward, Lubna; Hellén-Halme, Kristina; Ekberg, EwaCarin  
    Journal article in Biomed Central Oral Health; : BioMed Central (2017)
    Journal article
  • Statins in nonsurgical and surgical periodontal therapy. A systematic...
    Bertl, Kristina; Steiner, Ilse; Pandis, Nikolaos; Buhlin, Kåre; Klinge, Björn; Stavropoulos, Andreas  
    Review article in Journal of Periodontal Research; : Wiley (2017)
    Review article

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