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  • The 26th European Sport Management Conference, September 5-8, 2018, M... fulltext OA Fulltext
    Eds: Carlsson, Bo; Breitbarth, Tim; Bjärsholm, Daniel  : Malmö University (2018)
    Managing Sport in a Changing Europe : The 26th European Sport Management Conference (5–8 september 2018 : Malmö, Sweden)
    Conference contribution
  • ParticipatoryActivist Research:AfghanYouth and Physical Education fulltext
    Mashreghi, Sepandarmaz Eds: Hertting, Krister; Johnson, Urban  
    Conference poster in Proceedings of the Nordic Sport Science Conference; : Halmstad University Press (2017)

    Nordic Sport Science Conference (22-23 November, 2017 : Halmstad, Sweden)
    Conference poster
  • Networking as a Cornerstone within the Practice of Social Entrepreneu... fulltext fulltext
    Bjärsholm, Daniel Eds: Ströbel, Tim; Breibarth, Tim; Kempf, Hippolyt; Germelmann, Claas Christian; Nagel, Siegfried  : Institute of Sport Science, University of Bern Serie: The 25th EASM Conference, 5-8 September 2017, Bern and Magglingen, Switzerland, Challenges and Developments of Sport Organisations, Book of Abstracts; (2017)
    25th European Association for Sport Management Conference (5-8 September : Bern, Switzerland)
    Conference contribution
  • Multia Arenas in Swedish Elite Ice Hockey : A Tax Challenge? OA Fulltext
    Backman, Jyri Eds: Ströbel, Tim  
    Conference contribution in The 25th EASM Conference 5–8 September 2017 Bern and Magglingen, Switzerland Challenges and Developments of Sport Organisations : Book of Abstracts; : Institute of Sport Science, University of Bern (2017)

    Challenges and Development of Sport Organizations (5–8 september 2017 : Bern, Switzerland)
    Conference contribution
  • Elite Ice Hockey – A Pleasure Only in Major Cities? A Comparison of S... fulltext
    Backman, Jyri  : Lithuanian Sports University (2017)
    Global Issues and New Ideas in Sport Management (20–23 june 2017 : Kaunas, Lithuania)
    Conference contribution

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