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SOL School Development and Leadership



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Recent Submissions

  • Swedish Special Needs Teachers’ Views on their Work and Collaboration... fulltext OA Fulltext
    Anderson, Lotta; Östlund, Daniel  
    Journal article in The New Educational Review; : Institute of Education and Communication Research in Silesian University of Technology, Poland (2019)
    Journal article
  • Student reflections and self-assessments in vocational training suppo... fulltext
    Amhag, Lisbeth  
    Journal article in International Journal of Mobile and Blended Learning;1 : IGI Mobile (2020)
    Journal article
  • Teacher Educators' Use of Digital Tools and Needs for Digital Compete...
    Amhag, Lisbeth; Hellström, Lisa; Stigmar, Martin  
    Journal article in Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education;4 : Taylor & Francis (2019)
    Journal article
  • Interkulturellt arbete i förskolan med läroplanen som grund
    Stier, Jonas; Riddersporre, Bim  : Natur & Kultur (2019) Book
  • Digitalisering : ledarskap och medarbetarskap i förändring
    Kjällander, Susanne; Riddersporre, Bim Eds: Riddersporre, Bim; Kjällander, Susanne  
    Book chapter in Digitalisering i förskolan på vetenskaplig grund : Natur & Kultur (2019)
    Book chapter

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