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Recent Submissions

  • Malmö : North and South Sofielund
    Grander, Martin; Stigendal, Mikael Eds: Güntner, Simon; Seukwa, Louis Henri; Anne Marie, Anne Marie; Robinson, Jill  
    Book chapter in Local Matters : How neighbourhoods and services affect the social inclusion and exclusion of young people in European cities : Peter Lang (2018)
    Book chapter
  • Aiming at Social Cohesion in Cities to Transform Society
    Stigendal, Mikael Eds: Nieuwenhuijsen, Mark; Khreis, Haneen  
    Book chapter in Integrating Human Health into Urban and Transport Planning : Springer (2018)
    Book chapter
  • Off the Beaten Track? Selectivity, Discretion and Path-Shaping in Swe... fulltext OA Fulltext
    Grander, Martin  
    Journal article in Housing, Theory and Society; : Routledge (2018)
    Journal article
  • Praktiker i den öppna fritidsverksamheten fulltext
    Nilsson Mohammadi, Robert Malmö University. Centre for Work Life and Evaluation Studies (CTA)  (2018) Report

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