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In early spring 2020 we will move the research publications to the DiVA plattform. All research collections in MUEP is now closed for new items. More information

Recent Submissions

  • Expectations and Experiences of Exchange : Migrancy in the Global Mar... fulltext
    Jerve Ramsøy, Ingrid  : Malmö University Serie: Migration, Urbanisation, and Societal Change;9 (2019) Doctoral dissertation
  • Affective Borderscapes : Constructing, Enacting and Contesting Border... fulltext
    Wagner Tsoni, Ioanna  : Malmö University Serie: Migration, Urbanisation and Societal Change;10 (2019) Doctoral dissertation
  • Solidarity in Diversity : Activism as a Pathway of Migrant Emplacemen... fulltext
    Hansen, Christina  : Malmö University Serie: Dissertation series in Migration, Urbanisation, and Societal Change;7 (2019) Doctoral dissertation
  • Evidence, Expertise and 'Other' Knowledge : Governing Welfare Collabo... fulltext
    Chaib, Josef  : Malmö universitet, Fakulteten för kultur och samhälle Serie: Lund political studies;191 (2018) Doctoral dissertation
  • State learning and role playing : international environmental coopera... fulltext
    Engstrand, Sandra  : Lund University, Faculty of Social Sciences Malmö University, Faculty of Culture and Society Serie: Malmö Studies in Global Politics;4 (2018) Doctoral dissertation

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